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Get the latest weather forecast from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m., including the latest forecast for Duluth, GA, and the entire state of Minnesota.

Hourly local weather forecast, including the latest forecast for Duluth, GA, and the entire state of Minnesota from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. M., including weather warnings. Weather warnings include a high risk of thunderstorms, strong wind, heavy rain and / or heavy snowfall. Weather warning with low gale, low pressure and wind gusts and rain.

Weather forecasts provide the latest forecast for Duluth, GA, and the entire state of Minnesota, including precipitation, high and low Fahrenheit (Celsius) temperatures, as well as precipitation and wind gusts.

On July 31, the average daily wind speed on the quietest day of the year was 8.0 miles per hour, and on July 29 it was 11.1 miles per hour, with the average wind direction being the four cardinal winds per hour. This excludes hours in which the average wind speeds were less than 1.0 km / h.

Temperatures in Duluth ranged from 60 ° C to 78 ° C, and humid temperatures are expected to be in the mid to high 80s rather than low 90s. The probability of a particular day being attacked is perhaps essentially constant, at around 0.0%. Sultry is the probability that it is at least as hot as the average temperature for the same season.

The probability of cloudy or partly cloudy weather was 63% on August 1, the clearest day of the year, which is 71%. The cloud cover gradually decreased, and the probability that the sky was overcast or predominantly cloudy at any time decreased from 53% to 47%, but the clearest day of the month was May 30. The sliding rainfall on 31 days has increased in recent years, starting with a diameter of less than 2.4 inches when it rarely exceeded 5.0 inches, falling to 1.5 inches and ending with 3.3 inches when it rarely exceeded 3.9 inches on average and falling to 0.9 inches.

Still, several inches are likely and are expected for the Twin Cities area, which includes Duluth, St. Paul, Minneapolis, Dulles, Hennepin County and parts of the metro area. Look for more information on the weather forecast for Minnesota and the entire state in the coming weeks.

The topography within 2 miles of Duluth varies considerably in elevation, and the current wind speeds and directions vary more than the hourly averages. The wind that blows at any location depends on the latitude and longitude of the place, as well as on wind speed and direction. The RE model is advertised as eastbound, but is trendy - downward.

The bridge reopened at 7.45pm, but MNDOT advises motorists not to drive until conditions improve and to watch for possible damage to the bridge and other bridges in the area. The remaining winter weather advice has largely fallen on rain, although it is mainly in and around the country, so road conditions are not affected.

Get the latest 7-day weather from Duluth, Minnesota and the United States, including the local hourly weather forecasts for Minnesota that you can find on the weather network. Get the local daily weather forecast for the Twin Cities, Minneapolis, Saint Paul and Minneapolis - Saint Paul, included in the local 7 day weather forecast of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (MNDNR). Find local, hourly, daily and weekly weather updates for all parts of Minnesota and the state capital Minnesota on the Dulles MN / US Weather Network. Find daily, weekly, and daily local and regional weather information for Dulutans, Minnesotans, and Minnehaha County, Wisconsin in Dulumba MN, USA.

Different types of precipitation were observed throughout the day with no traces of it, and rain and snow fell on the same day. The snowfall limit has remained essentially constant for 31 days, falling between 0 and 0.0 inches and remaining below 0 to 1 inch throughout, rarely exceeding 0 to 3 inches.

There is a chance of snow showers and thunderstorms continuing into the end of the week and into the weekend. Light lake effect is maintained on the southern shore of Lake Superior, but due to the limit values in the delta t heavy snowfall is not expected. Light drizzle with persistent moisture is possible after the system starts, and it is also possible in the north and east of Duluth in the evening and early morning hours of Saturday.

The Duluth area is provided by Weather Underground, and the Duluth, MN US Weather Network can be found on Twitter at @ DuluthMN and on Facebook at Minnesota State University of Science and Technology in St. Paul.

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