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For people who need a break from the twin cities but can't bear to leave their refined palates south, Duluth has become a surprisingly hip destination. Whether you're looking for a theatre, a sightseeing event or an evening in one of the many bars and restaurants in the city, restaurants offer a quality product at a reasonable price. Canal Park also has a number of restaurants, including popular Denny's, Bistro D'Elegance and the iconic Diner. We have a list of restaurants that offer delicious and cruel meals - free of charge, as well as a variety of craft beer and wine options.

If you're looking for fresh fish and seafood, Duluth has plenty of options, from fresh fish and shrimp to fresh oysters and crabs. Located in a cozy Duluth Inn, this restaurant is worth a visit to the city and is worth eating in any season. If you're looking for a restaurant that offers more than seafood and a variety of craft beers and wines, head to the new location of the Mexico Lindo Dulutos in the heart of the city.

The ice cream is wonderful, and the glazed - in porch on the Lakewalk has a beautiful view of Canal Park. If you want to enjoy more than just a meal with lake views, visit the Ledge Rock Grille at Larsmont Cottages on Lake Superior. It is very popular and one of the best beds in town with a wide selection of craft beers and wines as well as good food.

Often seen as the catalyst for the growth of the local craft beer scene in Duluth and other cities across the country, this restaurant offers over a dozen different handcrafted brews, prepared in a variety of styles, from light ales, lager, lager, lager and pours to a wide range of specialty beers and wines.

With homemade pizza and pasta dolce, this place is a little piece of authentic Italy in Duluth. There are limited vegan options at Tavern on the Hill, but my favourite is the vegan pesto pasta bowl pictured above. American cuisine, cooked at home with floor-to-ceiling windows and an open dining room, guarantees a Duluth experience.

The Duluth Grill is a great place to get vegan dishes at Duluth, with a menu that changes with the seasons. This place is great if you limit yourself to limited vegan options like chicken, turkey or beef, you will still be able to get a vegan meal, while stubborn meat eaters will be happy to go in and get a steak. If you love the beautiful scenery and nature, this is perfect for you and it is one of the best places in town for vegan food.

The new, very attractive tavern is a place to see and enjoy some of the state's artistically brewed beers. It is a lively restaurant, filled with good food, great beer and excellent service, and one of my best places to enjoy excellent food.

Seating features tables with Lake Superior views on the street side and a front patio perfect for people watching. The cocktail room of the distillery offers guided tours, with water being the most valuable ingredient of the distilleries, in this case water, in this case Lake Duluth, as it represents water from the shores of the lake.

Look out for the occasional restaurant pop-up and watch the free brewery tours on Saturday. The beer hall does not have a restaurant, but we recommend you take a lakeside drive to the New Scenic Cafe for a quick trip into downtown Duluth.

This small café offers fresh Italian cuisine prepared with quality ingredients and has a veranda overlooking the Superior Lake. Minutes from the Firelight Inn, this restaurant offers freshly prepared food and a gluten-free and vegetarian menu. It features an outdoor terrace with fireplace, outdoor seating and a porch overlooking Lake Duluth.

This restaurant on the second floor of the Superior Shores Resort offers a variety of options for a break after a hike or meal. It is an easy drive from downtown or two ports and is accompanied by a sweeping view of Lake Superior and beyond. Take a ride on the West Duluth Skyline Parkway, which you can enjoy at any time of day. This small restaurant with outdoor terrace and dining offers fresh food and a gluten-free and vegetarian menu, as well as outdoor seating.

For a classic Duluth summer experience, the Portland Malt Shoppe is located at the western tip of Lake Superior. Drive to the north coast, soak up the summer sun of Minnesota, explore the parks, search the waterfalls and enjoy the summer sun of Minnesota.

The name stands for Oink Moo Cluck, offering a variety of meat, fish, burgers and salads. Located on the north side of downtown Duluth, just a few blocks from the Minnesota State Capitol, this light deli offers a selection of sandwiches, pastas, salads, soups and sandwiches, as well as a selection of beers and wines.

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