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Duluth is a great weekend or day trip that offers a wealth of attractions and activities. Perfectly located between the glittering blue Lake Superior and the Great Lakes region of Minnesota, Duluth offers visitors many opportunities to enjoy nature and a variety of outdoor activities. Just a few miles north of the Twin Cities and a short drive from Minneapolis and Minneapolis - St. Paul, it is a city of the four seasons that welcomes visitors year after year.

Within Minnesota, more than 97% of communities have a lower crime rate than Duluth, and by 2020, with a population of 85,728, it will be the second - and most crime-free - city in the state of Minnesota after Minneapolis - St. Paul. Take a walk along Lake Superior, or take a trip to Great Lakes National Park, the Minnesota State Fair, or even a day hiking, biking, and camping in Dulles.

Duluth Heights is home to the University of Minnesota's Duluth School of Public Health and other sites within the university. It is known as one of the most popular tourist destinations in Minnesota and is a popular destination for visitors from all over the state and the country. Visitors are attracted by a variety of attractions, including the Great Lakes National Park, Minnesota State Fair and Great Lake Superior, as well as a number of local restaurants and bars. There is also Rose City Park and the Recreation Center, which are accessible from the Dulles Lakewalk.

Visit the Tweed Museum of Art, enjoy the views from Canal Park, visit Minnesota State Fair, Great Lakes National Park and Great Lake Superior, or get a P & P for directions to Gerald W. Visit Duluth Zoo and Museum and enjoy views of Canal Park. To find more great stock photos and images, search Google Maps for "Minnesota," "Minneapolis Minnesota" and "Minnesota Lakes."

Located just two miles from Duluth Airport and downtown, the hotel offers a relaxed atmosphere with similar affordable residences. At the time of writing, the average price of a night in a city hotel was $20 to $25, but you should look for a place within walking distance of many hotels that cost twice as much. This unpretentious, extended stay hotel offers great views of the Twin Cities and Minnesota State Fair, as well as Great Lakes National Park and Great Lake Superior. Located just blocks from the Tweed Museum and Museum, this hotel offers stunning views of Canal Park, Grand Traverse Bay, Lake Michigan and Minnesota's largest lake.

This very relaxed hotel offers great views of the Twin Cities and Minnesota State Fair, as well as Great Lakes National Park and Great Lake Superior. At the heart of everything Duluth has to offer, this mountain lodge - a stylish residence with all the amenities you need to make your family stay an unforgettable experience - is free and fun. This hotel is slightly more expensive than other hotels in terms of access to downtown, but offers great views of Canal Park, Grand Traverse Bay and Lake Michigan.

Duluth also offers a wealth of attractive accommodation options, and in this article we introduce you to our top 25 choices. Each offers experiences and amenities that meet your travel needs, as well as a booking guide for each Duluth hotel.

Combining a luxurious atmosphere with all that Duluth has to offer, this stylish, modern and elegant hotel is located in the heart of the city, just a few blocks from the city centre. This centrally located hotel may not be the cheapest option, but it offers more amenities than many of its competitors. It is also located directly on Lake Superior, just a short drive from downtown, so it is a great option for those on a budget. The Inn onLake Superior is conveniently located on the corner of Superior Street and Superior Avenue, adjacent to Minnesota State Fairgrounds.

Located on East Superior Street, overlooking Lake Superior, the hotel is connected by an air-conditioned skywalk system. The Suites Hotel is also located in the heart of Duluth, a short drive from the city center. This informal and comfortable hotel is located on the corner of Superior and Superior Avenues, adjacent to Minnesota State Fairgrounds, on the east side of the lake.

Duluth LISC works to transform deprived neighborhoods into the best places to live, work and raise children in Duluth, Minnesota. We provide basic in-need services, including housing and food assistance, as well as a wide range of community services such as food stocks, health care, education, housing, employment and more. Unlike other destinations, we generally offer cheaper rooms, but we offer the community much more than the other hotels in our region.

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