Duluth, Minnesota


Located on the banks of Lake Superior, this booming tourist city’s name is Duluth, Minnesota. The location of the town itself provides a plethora of wondrous attraction sites.

Places to visit:

  • Park Point sandbar: The world’s largest freshwater sandbar. A perfect place for a twilight stroll to hear the sound of the water.
  • The 1905 Aerial Lift Bridge: Feast your eyes on this behemoth of a structure-built way back during the 1900’s.
  • Canal Park: Who has ever heard of a bridge. For water. No, you read that right, a bridge for water to flow. Get yourself in gear and go see this engineering marvel.
  • Enger Park and Tower: Make your heart miss a beat, the gardens here are an enchanting sight. The view from the tower is just as breathtaking
  • Tweed Museum of Art: Hosting classic art and upcoming artists’ works, this is worth a look.
  • Leif Erickson Park & Rose Garden: If the name “Rose Garden” didn’t get your spirits up, what kind of person are you? This place has the most majestic view of whole gardens sprawling with flowers.
  • North Shore Scenic Railroad: Board a train and this awesome contraption will take you to places that will blow you away. All the while a narrator belts out info on the areas.

Places to stay:

  • Radisson Hotel Duluth-Harborview: The name suggests the same, a view of the harbor and the water. Decked with a rooftop revolving restaurant, this is a wonderful place to feast on the view from the roof.
  • Fitger's Inn: A neat little budget hotel with services exceeding its price, this place is decked out with 4 eateries and a night club.
  • Holiday Inn & Suites Duluth-Downtown: This hotel provides services like pools, free Wi-Fi. It is located just a mile away from all the prime locations and the harbor itself.
  • The Downtown Duluth Inn: This modern, chic and cozy little place warms the hearts of its guests with the sleek architecture and the minimalist but colorful décor.